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    What classifies a subculture?

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    In the 1960s and 1970s, hippies, musicians, and other individuals outside the traditional "main culture" were considered to be part of the "subculture." However, when looking at the research conducted in relationship to Subculture Theory, we find a different concept of "subculture." Here we find a focus on urban, lower class, male gang delinquency. Research the professional literature and the internet and explain why these individuals have been identified as members of a subculture. What in their psychosocial makeup classifies them as subculture?

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    In the 1960's, Subculture Theory looked at all forms of deviance as potentially being explained within the model, paradigm, or theory. In general, the model approaches behavior patterns through symbolic interactionism and defines patterns of behavior that are likely to become assimilated and factors that socialize with other individuals. There are often "codes" or symbolic markers that distinguish individuals from one group to another and these become part of the matrix of description that Subculture Theory puts forward (Fine, 1979).

    One of the reasons that the hippies in the 1960's became objects of Subculture Theory is because of the social norms distinction from actual criminal behavior. Similarly, today's social norms versus ...

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