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    Correctional Officer Subculture: Ethics

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    Explain the Correctional Officer subculture. How does this subculture create ethical issues for correctional officers?

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    Correctional Office Subculture can almost be explained like a group of "fraternity brothers" or the members of a sports team.
    The subculture of correctional officers reinforces group solidarity and cohesion among correctional personnel.

    There are certain unwritten rules of conduct that correctional officers face and are expected to follow along with. It is founded on the belief that inmates overall should be given better treatment than the treatment they actually receive from prison workers.

    For starters, correctional officers are to assist other officers in all duties. If a correctional office sees something that may be unethical or wrong, part of their subculture is to not rat one another out and what they see stays their business.

    Correctional ...

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    A detailed description of the correctional officer subculture.