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    Code of Ethics for Correctional Officers

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    Research three specific cases of unethical behavior in corrections. This can be in jail, prisons, private prisons, and/or probation/parole. provide an overview of each case, that addresses the following issue :

    What are the ethical implications?
    why did the individual choose to be unethical?
    how does this behavior affect the corrections system as a whole?

    essay should be 2 to 3 pages long. APA style with references

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    1. Research three specific cases of unethical behavior in corrections.
    Before writing your essay, choose an "unethical behavior" by a correctional officer that you will research. Review the American Correctional Association Code of Ethics below and choose which "unethical behavior" you can research
    1. Respect and protect the civil and legal right of all individuals.
    2. Professional concern for the welfare of the individuals involved with no intent to personal gain.
    3. Maintain relationships with colleagues to promote mutual respect and improve quality of service.
    4. Make public criticism of their colleagues or their agencies only when warranted, verifiable, and constructive.
    5. Respect the importance of all disciplines within the criminal justice system and promote cooperation with each segment.
    6. Honor the public's right to information and share information with the public to the extent permitted by law subject to individuals' right to privacy.
    7. Respect and protect the right of the public to be safeguarded from criminal activity.
    8. Shall refrain from using their professional positions to secure personal privileges or advantages
    9. Shall refrain from allowing personal interest to impair objectivity in the performance of duty while acting in an official capacity.
    10. Shall refrain from entering into any formal or informal activity or ...

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    This is a guideline on how to write an essay on how correctional officers can violate the "Code of Ethics." The guideline identifies the Code of Ethics, gives an example of a case by a correctional officer violating the Codes, demonstrates what the ethical implications were, the reasons by the correctional officer for the unethical behavior, and how the behavior affected the corrections system as a whole.