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Corrupt Practices In Policing And Corrections

Provide an overview on the corrupt practices of the police and correctional systems.

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The corrupt practices of the police and correctional systems have detrimental and far-reaching effects on our society. Due to the great trust that society places in law enforcement officers, a breach of this trust through corrupt activities puts society at large in danger, due to the fact that police and correctional systems are charged with protecting society from criminal activity.(James Wortham,PH.D.)

Police corruption involves a variety of practices that are criminal in nature, and affect not only the communities in which the corruption has taken place, but tarnishes the image of police officers as a whole. In most instances of police corruption, the officers have gained some form of benefit for conducting illegal activities, and these illegal activities were conducted by the use of the power that has been invested in these sworn officers of the law. So in essence, police corruption involves some abuse of the power that ...