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History of American Policing

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Please help with ideas for a paper where you identify and discuss the 3 eras of policing.

In your opinion, which era had the most impact on police work today?

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The three eras of policing are problem solving policing, professional policing, and community policing. Problem solving policing or traditional policing is placated upon responding to problems after they've been reported to police. Under this model, police serve as mere responders to criminal occurrences and don't attempt to prevent crime before it occurs. Police are used to primarily respond to problems after they've occurred, and their presence in the community is viewed negatively because the only time that people interact with police is when they are there to respond to complaints of criminal activity. This form of policing has been the norm for most of the history of policing, as police officers weren't considered as educated professionals until the professionalization of policing occurred in ...

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This solution discusses the history of American policing.

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