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5 Page Ethics paper:

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This will be a short paper, five (5) pages, APA or MLA format (use the one you are most comfortable with, one inch margings, page numbers, proper citations, correct grammar, and correctly spelled words.
The paper must have a cover page (which is not one of the five pages) with your name, the class name, title of your paper, and the date it is due. You must also have a reference page (which is not one of the five pages).
The topic of the paper MUST relate to Ethics and the police: research and write a paper on the Commissions which investigated police corruption and excessive use of force (brutality) in police departments in both New York City and Los Angeles, California. The two you should focus on will be the Mollen Comission and the Christopher Commission. These Commissions have had a large impact on police ethics
The best way to select a topic is to look through the Table of Contents of the text or through the glossary for something that you find interesting. I prefer you pick a topic that you will enjoy writing about because the papers always seem to be better if it is about something you find interesting. You DO NOT have to submit the topic for approval....but you must be sure the paper meets the criteria of relating to the police, corrections, or the courts. The topics are endless....crooked cops, Frank Serpico, 'Dirty' Harry, probation/parole officer case loads (and how they might deal with that unethically), judges and sentencing, parole revocation, discretion by the police (or the courts or corrections), plea bargaining, abuse of authority, 'official oppression'....etc.
If you really can't think of a topic please let me know and I will assign a topic for you. Please do not submit a paper that you have submiited for another class. I do use a software program that looks for plagarized papers and that will include ANY paper previously scanned.
The assignment is not difficult. You may use a web site as a reference as long as the web site has some scholarly merit (ie: FBI.gov etc.) Wikipedia and pinkmonkey are not acceptable resources. You may also use the text book for a reference. You should also use at least one book(other than a text book) or a professional journal or am imdustry publication.
The paper is due NLT 03/24/2013.

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On Racism and the LAPD: Was the Christopher Commission Wrong? By: Lasley, James R.; Hooper, Michael K. Social Science Quarterly (University of Texas Press). Jun98, Vol. 79 Issue 2, p378-389. 12p
Ethics and policing are intertwined within good departments because police that are not vile criminals that are worse than the criminals they are supposed to be arresting; respect the true tenets of policing. Police are supposed to protect and SERVE the public, and this entails ensuring that the constitutional rights of due process are upheld by the state. Police represent the arm of the state that has the autonomy to deprive individuals of their liberty, which is the most important aspect within the constitution the right to freedom and liberty. Therefore, unethical police often begin as minor violators of citizen's rights but exponentially morph into major violators committing serious offenses and crimes.

This is exacerbated when the department as a whole has a history of corruption and unethical behavior. When this occurs the results are disastrous for law and justice as well as the citizens who are forced to endure the horrors of a police state that is unaccountable to anyone particularly the public who it works for. This was the scenario in two of the largest police forces in the country wherein the Los Angeles and New York police departments engaged in systematic racism and brutality against minority residents. The crimes committed by police were abhorrent and deplorable, but more importantly the culture of unethical behavior was rooted within the heart of the department's system and culture.

This paper will focus on the two commissions that were convened to address the widespread abuses that occurred in these two departments and highlight how ethics and ...

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How commissions have an impact on police ethics is examined.

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