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    Leadership Impact to Unethical Behavior Among Salespeople

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    Prepare a paper analyzing the factors that may lead to unethical behavior among salespeople.

    Specifically, please discuss ways in which company leadership can safeguard, monitor, and manage unethical behavior among its salespeople.

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    This paper explores leadership methods for altering unethical behavior among salespeople. Factors will analyze ethics and root causes that lead to unethical behavior. The text will discuss management strategies, and define ways in which company leadership can safeguard, monitor, and manage behavior among its salespeople.

    Leadership for Ethical Behavior Among Salespeople in the Workplace
    Begin the paper by elaborating on the title first as an opening; for example: It is essential for management or leaders in the workplace to enforce and cultivate ethical behavior among salespeople and other members of staff.

    Ethics is defined as:
    Business ethics refers to such practices within organizations:
    Unethical behavior is defined as:
    According to Weitz, "Salespeople can behave unethically when they are too aggressive in pursuing their own goals at the expense of their colleagues (or customers). For example, it is unethical to fail to relay a customer's phone message to another salesperson or to make critical comments about a colleague to one's boss. Colleagues usually discover such unethical behavior and return the lack of support. Making false claims about competitors' products or sabotaging their efforts is clearly unethical and often illegal (Weitz 2004)."

    Legal Issues
    Legal issues are also involved:
    Statutory laws, such as the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and administrative laws, such as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rulings guide the activities of salespeople in the USA. Selling in international markets is quite complex, however, because of cultural differences in ethical judgments and laws that relate to sales activities in various countries.

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    Factors that may lead to unethical behavior among salespeople are discussed. Ways to manage unethical behavior are also examined.