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    Interpret the implication of unethical behavior

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    Interpret the implication of unethical behavior and address the following like addressing students:

    1. Brief historical summary on the individual or organization
    2. Unethical behavior/event examined
    3. Reflection on ethical standards
    4. Influence of leadership
    5. Social responsibility response(both actual and appropriate)
    6. Related cultural, environmental, and legal implications
    7. Impact on stakeholders
    8. Outcome of event with a comparison of the consequences
    9. Fairness of punishment
    10. Your recommendation for action, including recommendation for your students while completing their studies.

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    1. Try and hone the core initiative for Tyco Corporation as being a company focusing on advancing fire safety and security. The innovative strategy that Tyco Corporation hones on for proficiency provides a way to measuring the way in succeeding in the product / service output for the targeted consumer. In review, the historical summary should entail a triage of important building of the organization for proficiency entering the targeted marketplace, such as:

    a) Tyco is the world's largest pure play fire and security company on the global marketplace that started operating in 1960 to becoming a world class leader (Tyco.com, 2014).
    b) Tyco provides more than 2 million customers globally (Tyco.com, 2014).
    c) Tyco utilizes the concept towards variety of ways in fire protection and security products as well as services to assist the targeted consumer.
    d) The company is an over 8 billion organization within the targeted marketplace.
    e) The corporation has more than 60,000 employees located in global locations of nearly 1,000 in about 50 countries.

    Basically, the suggestion is to utilizes demanding environments, in which, the Tyco Corporation specializes in serving the businesses seeking most protective services for business continuity, ranging from banking to oil and gas. Try and hone on the key areas of focus for Tyco Corporation to supporting their primary mission and vision to serving their consumer.

    2. Aim in focusing on the main unethical behavioral conduct by individuals responsible for managing the organization, such as, the primary senior executive Dennis Kozlowski and co-partnership in the crime of Mark Swartz due to fraud activities (Tyco.com, 2014). Therefore, the unethical behavior is in reporting financial data to represent deceptive final results of monetary standing for only selfish reasoning to benefit a few. Try and use examples that represent how Denise Koloski strategic placed loyal individuals, such as, Mark Swartz in senior ...

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    The review into Tyco unethical conduct within the business environment within the target industry.