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    medical assistants and their influences

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    Influences that affect medical assistants are broad. Some examples could include the assistant's organization and communication. At your work, a medical assistant was charged with taking medication that was intended for patients.

    Answer the following questions:

    * What factors influenced the role of this medical assistant?
    * If you viewed someone taking medication intended for patients, what should you do about it?
    * Research an article about a time where this has happened (or any type of unethical behavior). What actions were taken and what happened to that person?

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    Medical assistants, like other professionals in other industries, are influenced by multiple factors. Cultural background or the environment in which the medical assistant has grown up in and been socialized in may influence his or her belief that an action is acceptable. She or he may have seen relatives sharing prescription medications, if out of pocket costs were high and there was not enough money to pay for the medications. Often teens in high school today either sell or give their prescription medications, such as Ritalin, to others, to gain acceptance, while others have the desire to get high or experience altered states. If this is done frequently and the medical assistant has also seen medication being shared at home, the belief that taking a patient's medication is acceptable is strengthened.

    In addition, the environment in which the medical assistant works may also influence the belief that taking the patient's medication may be acceptable. A physician or nurse supervisor may have ...

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