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    Influences on Ethical Decisions in Healthcare

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    Influences that affect medical assistants are broad. Some examples could include the assistant's organization and communication. While at work, you notice one of the other medical assistants taking medication (that was intended for a patient) and putting it in her pocket. You know that this specific person has more seniority than you do, so you are unsure of what you should about what you saw.

    Answer the following questions:
    - What factors influenced the role of this medical assistant?
    - If you viewed someone taking medication intended for patients, what should you do about it?
    - Because this employee has seniority, should you still take action? Should seniority even matter in this situation? Explain.
    - Research an article about a time where this has happened (or any type of unethical behavior). What actions were taken and what happened to that person?

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    Factors that influenced the role of the medical assistant include external and internal motivations. External motivations include working conditions, workplace communications and expectations of organizational leaders. If the medical assistant has seen the medical director or clinical director, such as the physician or RN, take patient medications in the past, she or he will be more likely to view this behavior as acceptable. Another external motivator might be pay. The pay rate of the medical assistant may not be satisfactory. Internal factors might include needs not being met, in terms of workplace autonomy, ...

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