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Types of Data Registries in Healthcare

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You work in a cancer center at a multisystem, major medical center. Because of some staff turnover in the cancer registry department, you have been asked if you are interested in a promotion to a position in that department. This would require some additional education on your part, but you are interested in the challenge.

Before you decide whether to accept this position, you want to do some research on cancer registries. You decide to post questions to the discussion site of the local chapter of the American Association of Medical Assistants, to which you belong. You post a question asking what the experience is of other medical assistants who have moved into positions working in cancer registries. A number of other medical assistants reply. One of them is on the local chapter's education committee and thinks this would be a good topic for a chapter education program on career growth and asks if you would be interested in developing an outline. You agree to help with the education program.

â?¢A description of how either a hospital, state, or national cancer registry works
â?¢The type of data collected
â?¢For what purposes the data can be used
â?¢Who has access to the data
â?¢How cancer registries function

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A hospital cancer registry, essentially works by having individuals known as cancer registrars to exact pertinent information from the medical records of cancer patients. These individuals are careful to only extract the information that is absolutely necessary for maintaining an accurate record of essential data that can be used for analysis and research about cancer. The information that these individuals exact from these medical records, is reported to the hospital's main cancer registry database, where this information is stored until it is ...

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