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    Help with group project

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    We have a group project coming up the issue is that I work in a cancer center at a mutlisystem, majoe medical center, I have been asked to take a promotion in the cancer registery department,I need to research the cancer registries,I pose some questions to the discussion site at the local AAMA ,one question is what experience do other medical assistants who take this position have within the registries, the local chapter's education commitee medical assistant answers, she thinks this would be a great topic for a chapter education program on career growth and asks if I would be interested in developing an outline, I agree.

    Now I need to research and develop a paper on cancer registries. i need help with the following:
    1. give a description of how either a hospital, state, or national cancer registry works
    2. the type of data collected
    3. what purpose does the information serve
    4. who has access to the data
    5. how do these registries function

    Now I have found some information but I am all over the place please help formulate it,

    Next as a group we have to develop an outline of which topics to cover in the education program. we have to come up with a power point outline for the program, List at least two items per bullet point, this outline has to include the type of information the registery collects and how the data is used. i do need some help with this also

    Thank you all

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