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Project oriented structures

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Lets say that Your company is ready to overhaul its project management practices and top management is convinced that it will benefit from adopting PMI standards in organizing and managing its projects and is encouraging all of its employees (including you and especially members of project teams) to become familiar with the five PMI standard project management process groups and how they relate to each other.

Which of the process group is the most important one and why is it the most important?

What are some of the differences between project-oriented and functional organizational structures in terms of their effects on project management?

Do you think that functional organization structure will be better than project-oriented organizations structure for some projects? Why or why not?

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Which of the process group is the most important one and why is it the most important?

Monitoring and Controlling (evaluation)is always going to be my choice for most important process function or group. A company can plan, implement, and strategize all they want for any function or project, but without making sure the project is accomplishing what it is supposed to and each step is moving the project forward correctly, the project is not going to survive. If things like costs and time are not monitored, the project could lose money. Evaluation is a primary function because without it, no needed changes are ...

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A review of the important aspects of project oriented structures and comparison with functional structures.

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