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The class is Organizational Behavior Principles. Subject: Groups in Organizations.

You are getting ready for your first project staff team meeting. The first charge to this group from the Directors is to come up with a plan for the opening of the new plant. Your group will be working on; how to advertise openings for existing employees to apply for the new plant, a multi-disciplinary communication to all employees keeping them informed on the progress of the construction of the plant, identifying the departments to move and how to manage the communications between plants for organizational consistency.

Your project team will need to cooperate to prioritize your tasks, establish a project plan and define deliverables and milestones.

This team will need to be very productive within its first 3 months. You want to help, not hinder, the team's progress, so you decide to do some research upfront. You bring your research to your team to review.

Answer the questions and complete the following:
- How would you classify the project staff team: Is it a task force, friendship group, command group or other type of group? Support your choice with theory.
- In forming the project staff team, what are the characteristics of this specific team (based on type of team and purpose) that are likely to contribute to the goal of group effectiveness within the next 3 months?
- What are some sources of barriers to group effectiveness (potential process losses) that this group may face in trying to meet its goals?
- What recommendations do you have for your other team members on how to maximize your working together on this project?
- Identify elements of group effectiveness that you may be able to influence.
- Think about how you would increase the probability of process gains within your project staff team.
- The project staff team is facing a series of difficult assignments that are extremely important to the organization's success. Define a few of the ways that you believe the group can model collaborative behavior for the organization.
- Help your team identify the ways in which you believe you should communicate your team's progress on your project.

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//While writing this paper, we will identify the project staff team, which will focus on group effectiveness. In addition to this, barriers to group effectiveness will be explained in the coming part of the paper. Further, recommendations will be drawn in order to come out of the barriers. Followed by this, light will be shed on how to increase the probability of process gains within the project. Also, collaborative model behavior will also be applied in the project. Finally, ways will be identified, which will help the team to communicate the progress of the project//

Developing a new plan for opening up of a new plant requires skilled and effective employees. The plan focuses on advertising opening for existing employees, developing an effective communication and identifying the departments, which can manage the communications between the plants, so that the organization remains consistent. For this purpose, it is essential that task force team should be classified as a project staff team. A task force team is established, so that it can works on a single defined activity (What is a Task Force, 2010). These types of teams are trained and commanded by high ranking superiors, so that they know what they are required to do in future, and do not require consulting the superior authority at the time of making decisions. The people working in this team are skilled and competent. In organizational development, group development theory defines, task group as a process of understanding the behavior of an individual in a group who is trying to find a solution to a particular problem or is making a decision (Barrett & Srivastva, 1988).

In forming the project staff team, the task group offers some characteristics, which are essential, in contributing to the goal of group effectiveness within the next three months. The main characteristics of task groups are as follows:

To identify the task in an effective manner and understanding the group problems associated with it.
To inform the groups about the task, and then seek opinion from them. For example, after informing them about the task, it is necessary to analyze that the group members are comfortable with the task or not. It becomes imperative, to seek opinion from them.
It is necessary for the task group to give opinion ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1429 words with references.