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    cancer registries

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    - What is the purpose behind developing and maintaining this massive collection of data in the cancer registries?

    - Do you think cancer registries are beneficial? Explain.

    - What are some of the problems associated with cancer registries?

    - Are cancer registries prone to errors?â?¢Will cancer registries be able to keep up with the changes that technology may bring? Explain

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    1.Cancer registries, such as through the National Program of Cancer Registries (NPCR), are used to track the type, location, occurrences and other information on different types of cancers. SUch data is useful for public health agencies, who can find links to specific cancers.

    2. Identifying links can help such agencies focus on education aimed at prevention of certain cancers, such as through dietary or lifestyle cancers, focusing on education (CDC, 2010). Alternatively, those cancers with a higher incidence that are not related to lifestyle can be addressed through ...

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    Medical record forms, such as cancer registries, are debated.