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    For-Profit Cancer Center Consultant

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    You are part of a consultant for-profit cancer center that is considering entering the Indianapolis, Indiana market. Identify and evaluate five secondary sources of data that may be used. Describe the precise location of each source of data and how the data could be used.

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    Entering the Market in Indianapolis, Indiana

    Entrance into established markets with established providers requires careful planning and consideration. The length of time required to mature a new organization may be increased if the community is not assessed and handled accordingly (Fortenberry, 2010). The community is the primary target market and must be well informed. Furthermore the attitude and need for a new provider must be assessed. Information collection, dissemination, communication while maintaining a positive image is important to success. According to Fortenberry (2010), "Newly established medical clinics, pharmacies, dental offices, etc. seeking to enter established markets with established providers would likely face this type of life cycle scenario as they strive to develop a customer base" (p. 7).
    As a consultant retained by a for-profit cancer center considering entering the Indianapolis, Indiana market, existing sources must be utilized to analyze the opportunities. Sources of information are publicly available at no cost and should be researched to gather data to analyze opportunity. Information gathered on the city of Indianapolis, Indiana, the current status of cancer centers in Indianapolis, Indiana, and the type of market or markets served by a for-profit cancer center in Indianapolis, Indiana will be useful in assessing the opportunity.

    Analysis/Assessment of Place

    The city of Indianapolis, Indiana provides free public information on the official City of Indianapolis website. The information provided in this source contains information on city administration, county administration, courts, laws, culture, recreation, education, jobs, neighborhood services, public safety, taxes, budgets, voting, and public records, All of this information is available to assess the intended location of the new cancer center as it pertains to opportunities available.

    Using this website, city and county regulations can be studied to determine the regulatory needs of the proposed cancer center. Analysis of current education and jobs can be used to determine the ...

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    The expert identifies and evaluates five secondary sources of data that may be used. The precise locations of each sources of data and how the data could be used is determined.