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    continuing education programs

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    As you are putting the policy and procedure manual together, another team notes that continuing education of cancer registry personnel is a requirement for accreditation. They have asked for a meeting with other teams to determine how much money should be allocated for education and what kinds of programs personnel should attend.

    Identify and discuss what continuing education programs would be useful related to the function of indices.

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    A full service education department for a cancer center has a multiplicity of areas to
    establish. Each level of provider in the areas has different needs when it comes to training and
    maintaining skills in their area of expertise. The cancer center has physician provider, nurses,
    radiology technician and technician assistant besides a number of receptionists. Each of these
    positions need some level of aptitude to perform well with cancer patients.

    Education Initiatives: The current initiatives from the American College of

    Surgeons Commission on Cancer Approved Cancer Programs (CoC) is as follows: Most of this
    fall under the purview of physicians, registered nurses or medical coders. Even though the more
    technical information is determined by the CoC, this does not negate the need for training for
    other member of the Cancer Center.
    Cancer Staging: Staging determines the severity of a person's cancer and assists the
    doctor in ...

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