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Action Plan for HCO

This is a middle management position such as a department director. The department you will be leading is stable, but performance has been going down recently. Senior management is looking for you to diagnose the reasons for the decline in performance and make recommendations for improvements. Develop a 180-day Action Plan addressing the activities that you will undertake to effectively be established in this new position.

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The first step in completing this assignment is to decide what type of health care organization that you have accepted the position to. Depending on your answer, you will have different timelines, and priorities based on what you choose. (For example, a hospital will have a different Action Plan than a clinic will). This is also important so that you can create a plan for each type of healthcare employee in your organization. One of your first priorities will be to ensure that the employees and department are stable when you come into the department, but also create an action plan that will diagnose problem areas and improve employee performance.

I would start by describing the health care organization (For example UCLA Hospital serves the Los Angeles Community and is a pillar of example for technology and research; however, their patient safety rating is only average compared to other hospitals in the area). I would then go into the organizational structure of the hospital (how many departments there are, how many community members the organization/department serves, how many doctors, and nurses work there). It's important to give a detailed analysis of the organizational structure of the health care organization that you choose. (Typically it's easy to find on ...

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Help with an action plan for an healthcare organization including examples and references. Describes activities that will be implemented and established for the new management position.