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    Ethical Leadership

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    In Ethical Leadership


    Leadership and influence are interrelated. Powerful leaders can create a major impact on their followers and the organization. Leaders can either use their influence to further their own cause at the expense of their organization and followers or they can stick to specific moral standards to achieve desired outcomes.


    In light of the above introduction, respond to the following:
    ? What are the five leadership behaviors that you think are most unethical? Substantiate your choice by using relevant reasons and/or examples.
    ? Which five leadership behaviors make a leader ethical? Substantiate your choice by using relevant reasons and/or examples.
    ? Can unethical behavior occur for a leader with proper values and intentions? Substantiate your point of view using a relevant real-life example.
    ? Identify an ethical leader from any sphere of life and explain why think the person is an ethical leader.

    Thank you.

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    // Ethics are very important role to play in the leadership behavior. In this paper we would be answer the questions regarding ethics in the leadership behavior. In the first task, we would discuss five leadership behaviors that are most unethical. In order to define such behavior, it is necessary to substantiate the answer with reason and example, like this. //

    Ethical Leadership

    Leadership is a process of influencing the behavior of other people in order to make them work with their own will and enthusiasm to achieve the predetermined goals and objectives. It is considered as an integral part of management (Luthans, 2004). The role of a leader is to influence other and it is a continuous process rather than a one-shot activity. Ethical leadership refers to exploring the core values of employees and enables them to generate high productivity and profits. In ethical leadership, the primary focus is on quality relationship among the member and the factors that develop it are trust, respect and honesty.

    Ethical leadership develops a model to integrate internal factors such as values & beliefs and external factors such as actions & behaviors to achieve the organizational goals. ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 626 words with references