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Unethical Leaders in the Workplace

I need some help starting my topic, which is 'Unethical Leaders in the Workplace'

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Ethics and decision making
Robbins and Coulter (2002) define ethics as rules and principles that define right and wrong conduct. Among managers, who are supposed to be leaders in their respective organizations, there is also such thing as ethical dimension of their behaviour as decision makers. Based on the utilitarian view of ethics, ethical decisions are made solely on the basis of their outcomes or consequences. On the other hand, the rights view of ethics is concerned with respecting and protecting individual liberties and priveleges. The theory of justice view of ethics advocates that managers and leaders impose and enforce rules fairly and impartially and do so by following legal rules and regulations (Robbins and coulter, ...

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This solution defines the concept of ethics using varied views: utilitarian view, rights view, and theory of justice view. It also outlines what makes an unethical leaders and their associated actions. All references used are included.