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    Organization Values

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    1. Why is it that an organization's values and norms can become too strong and lead to unethical behavior?
    2. What steps can a company take to prevent this problem - to stop its values and norms from becoming so inwardly focused that managers and employees lose sight of their responsibility to their stakeholders?

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    Since leaders are the persons who teach organizational values to others, they can influence others as well. Leaders who change the focus of a company from quality and service to profit taking alone can hold a dangerous ethical value model for others to follow. Greed becomes the norm. Making as much money, cutting costs, devaluing customer service, safety, and quality in the organization to increase profits does not serve the stakeholders. Eventually the culture becomes about greed and how each ...

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    The expert examines why an organization's value and norm can become too strong and lead to unethical behaviors.