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    Special challenges in performance appraisals.

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    Select two aspects of a performance appraisal from the following list. What are the
    special challenges in each area and what would be the impacts on employees and
    employers if the challenges were not addressed?

    o Strategic Relevance
    o Criterion Deficiency
    o Criterion Contamination
    o Reliability
    o Compliance with the Law
    o Appraiser Training

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    Performance Appraisal

    Criterion Deficiency
    Criterion deficiency is defined as a portion of conceptual criterion not measured by actual criterion. Typically, conceptual criterion cannot be measured and actual measurable amounts must be used to determine correlating values. Being able to measure personal values with the values held by the organization are essential in creating a good fit for both the individual and the organization.

    Impact on employees
    When employees do not agree with the values and ethical behavior of the organization a rift may form. Employees find they no long want to work for an organization they find unethical and start searching for other work, which typically leads to lower production quantity and lower quality.

    Most organizations believe all employees should be honest, as this is a basic value held by the employer if the employee is ...

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    Discusses Criterion deficiency and criterion contamination in a performance appraisal. How these impact the employee and what happens if the challenges are not addressed.