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    Performance Appraisal for Law and Reliability

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    Compliance with the law and Reliability.

    These are the two aspects of performance appraisal I need help on.

    1. What are the special challenges in each area?
    2. What would be the impacts on employees and employers if these challenges were not addresses?

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    Please see response attached, which is also presented below. Two supporting articles are also attached. I hope this helps and take care.


    Performance Appraisal Process includes:
    · Preparing appraisals
    · Setting goals and objectives
    · Conducting interim and annual performance reviews
    · Reviewing at higher levels appraisals written at lower levels
    · Designing, printing, copying, filing, and distributing appraisal forms
    · Designing and communicating the appraisal process
    · Training supervisors, managers, and executives in the appraisal process e.g., reliable and accurate appraisals
    · Handling post-appraisal appeals, grievances, and lawsuits http://home.att.net/~nickols/scrap_it.htm

    1. Compliance with the law and reliability- what are the special challenges in each area?

    In managing performance appraisals, it is about overcoming performance appraisal challenges e.g., biases in the appraisal process, conflict, legal issues, etc. by employing regular communication, conducting a status meeting, and documenting ongoing communication. Responding effectively to a defensive employee and knowing how to resolve conflict in an appraisal discussion is also imperative. In addition, you must know the laws governing the appraisal process, so you can reduce the risk of legal challenge.

    . Use active listening in an appraisal discussion.
    . Avoid confrontational communication in an appraisal discussion.
    . Resolve conflict in an appraisal discussion.
    . Follow general legal guidelines to ensure legal compliance when appraising performance.

    1. Legal Challenges and Compliance Issues

    Legal compliance means following guidelines in accord with certain rules or laws.

    Goal ? to comply with anti-discrimination regulations

    Legal issues for the performance appraiser:

    . ...

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    Referring to compliance with the law and reliability, this solution discusses the special challenges in each area, and the impact on employees and employers if these challenges were not addresses.Supplemented with two highly informative articles on performance appraisals.