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Reliability, Validity, Legality, of Appraisal Ratings

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This unit discusses the importance of using a series of job-related tools to select good employees such as application forms, various types of tests, interviews, background investigations and physical exams. Emphasis is placed on steps for maximizing performance appraisal effectiveness and methods using absolute standards, relative standards, and objectives are described. Review of suggestions to improve the reliability, validity, and therefore, the legality, and usefulness of appraisal ratings are given.

Identify the need for employee training and development

Explain the six steps in the appraisal process

Discuss how management by objective (MBO) can be used as an appraisal method

Explain why performance appraisals might be distorted

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There is a need for employee training and development due to the fact that employee training and development ensures that employees are able to perform at their optimum capacity within an organization. In addition, it is important for employees to receive continuous upgrades in their training and development while they are working for an organization in order to assure that these individuals are able to keep pace with technological advancements, as well as to be able to continuously improve their proficiency in the performance of their job duties. Employee training and development also helps to prepare employees for upward mobility and management opportunities within an organization as well.

The first step in the appraisal process is the development of a standardized appraisal document ...

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