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Three Challenges to Validity Portfolios

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Portfolio Assessment

Assignment 1

Explain the three challenges to validity when using portfolios as assessments, and evaluate the benefits they offer to the learning experience.

Assignment 2

The authors state that "there is a temptation to limit the scoring criteria to those qualities of performance that are easiest to rate rather than the most important required for doing an effective job" (Kubiszyn & Borich, 2010). What do they mean by this? Explain the benefits and challenges of incorporating performance assessments, and evaluate their overall effectiveness in the classroom.

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Hello and welcome to BrainMass. my name is Tory and I have many years experience with special education and general education.

1. The three challenges to validity of every portfolio is this: a. Does it only show a student's best work? b. How can we show growth and how the student has reached the best work? c. Can we see difficult beginnings and put them into the timeline of one's accomplishments without tarnishing the best work.

By showing a regular and truthful ...

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The three challenges to validity portfolios are determined.

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