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    Importance of Setting Vision in Change Management

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    Please help with the following questions.

    One of the advices on visioning to help guide leaders through a major organizational change is to "Determine the values that are central to the change".

    Why is it important to determine the values that are central to change management? Are some company values more critical than others? In your organization, which company value do you feel has the lowest priority for management? How does their list make you feel?

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    It is important to determine the values that are central to change management because values or philosophy act as a binding agent to the entire change management plan and activates because they provide constant guidance to the change managers in terms of change management decisions and action plan. In other words, they provide a strong platform and ...

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    This solution discusses the importance of setting vision in change management. It also discusses whether some company values are more critical than others and the implications of prioritizing some over others.