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Level in Market, Ethics Code and Audit for Xerox Corporation

Discuss Xerox's history, level in the market, Code of Ethics, implementation, and audit.

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Xerox began operations in 1906 in Rochester as a maker of photographic paper and equipment. The company was known as The Haloid Photographic Company. The company became Haloid Xerox in 1958 and Xerox in 1961. In 1959 the company introduced the first plan paper photocopier. In 1973 the first color copier was launched. In May 2000, Anne M. Mulcahy was appointed president in May 2000, in August 2001 and chairman in 2002. Mulcahy launched a turnover plan and returned Xerox to profitability. In 2009 Xerox acquired Affiliated Computer Services and in 2011, Xerox acquired NewFeild IT.

Its level in the market is mediocre. Once, Xerox was an innovator which introduced new ...

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