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    SWOT analysis

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    I understand you cannot do the work for me, but can you give me guidance on a SWOT analysis for Xerox Corporation, and help me understand justification for competitive advantage/competitive strategy?


    Research Xerox (http://www.xerox.com/go/xrx/template/inv_rel_newsroom.jsp?app=InvestorRelations&format=generallinks&view=AnnualReportsArchive&Xcntry=USA&Xlang=eng_US).

    Using your readings, the Library, and the Internet, write responses to each of the following:
    1. What is your impression of the operation of Xerox?
    2. Conduct a SWOT Analysis of Xerox.
    3. Does Xerox have a competitive advantage and/or a competitive strategy? Justify your answer.
    4. Choose one Xerox product. Describe the components of this product value chain.
    5. What strategic alternatives are open to Xerox? Explain and justify your answer.
    Submit your responses in a document 6 to 8 pages in length

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    //Before writing this paper, we are required to visit the link provided for making a research on Xerox Corporation. Visiting some other online & offline sources for acquiring sufficient information on this topic will be helpful for us. After this, we are required to make a SWOT analysis of Xerox and its competitive advantage or strategy. Additionally, we are required to explain the strategic alternative available for Xerox Corporation. I would like to provide an overview on these points. See the text below for example: //

    Xerox Corporation

    Xerox Corporation was found in 1906 as the Haloid Company in Rochester, New York. The Haloid Company was involved in manufacturing photographic paper and equipment. In 1961, its name was changed to Xerox Corporation. The first xerographic image was made by Chester Carlson (October 22, 1938), a patent attorney & part time inventor in his lab in Astoria, Queens, in New York City. Initially, his invention could not get success. In 1944, Carlson received patent for electrophotography, which was later called xerography.

    1947 was the year when The Haloid Company acquired the license for using the invention of Carlson in its copying machine from Battelle Development Corp. of Columbus, Ohio. After some time, Haloid received full rights of Carlson's invention for using it in its copying machines. In 1948, Haloid get the word 'Xerox' trademarked. After the initial success, Haloid changed its name to Haloid Xerox Inc. in 1958, and later it was changed to Xerox Inc. in 1961 (Online Fact Book, 2009).


    Xerox Corporation is involved in manufacturing, supplying and servicing a number of document equipments, services and software solutions. Today, Xerox Corporation is supplying a variety of digital systems such as printing (color & black/white) & publishing systems, fax machines, digital presses, solid & laser ink printers, copier systems, multifunctional devices (copy, scan, fax), etc. Xerox Corporation supplies software and workflow solutions, which enable the business to create personalized documents. It also provides support products such as paper, ink, toner, etc.

    The company operates in three business segments, which are production, office and other. Xerox Corporation strategically concentrates mainly on three markets, which are high-end production & commercial environments, value-added services (VAS) and networked offices (small and large). The themes of color and solutions in Xerox devices are helpful in developing the core strengths of Xerox Corporation. In 2008, the total revenue of the company was $17.6 billion. Out of it, $9.1 billion was from the United States, $6billion and $2.5 billion from Latin America, Canada and other countries (Online Fact Book, 2009).

    //In the above paragraph, we had some general information about Xerox Corporation such as its history and business. In the next part, we will be considering the points required for this paper. I am going to provide you an overview of this in the following paragraphs. See the text below: //

    Operations of Xerox

    Xerox Corporation is headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut. Fortune Magazine has ranked Xerox Corporation at No. 1 in the list of World's Most Admired Companies in computer category and at 144th position in Fortune 500 companies. The company employs 57,100 employees all over the world. The business operations of the company are employee centered and customer focused and based on core values such as quality, social responsibility and diversity. It is increased by adaptability and passion for innovation (Who we are today, 2008).

    Xerox Corporation is supplying best quality ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 2129 words with references.