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    Personal Ethical Dilemma: Sample Paper

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    Purpose: To think through and evaluate a past action in a personal situation involving an ethical dilemma.
    Format: Paper, double-spaced, APA format, 5 page minimum.
    ? Narrative description of the situation, including details of issues, people involved, thought processes, and final decision made. You may change the names of others involved, if you wish. You may include consequences if they have happened by now. (This section should not be more than one page.)
    ? Application of course material. Naturally, you cannot include all our course material that pertains to your case. Therefore, you need to sift through the material and select the most relevant, interesting, insightful, and significant. Through your application, you need to be mindful of how the material taken from the course fit into its context so that you don't distort it or take it out of context to make it fit in your application. You need to accompany this analysis with a thorough examination of the significance, meaning, and insight the course material provides in its support of or argument against your action.
    ? Conclusion(s). What have you learned from reviewing this situation through the lens of this course? What are you aware of now (about ethics) that would have helped you make your decision had you known it at the time? Would you change your decision now? Why or why not? Significance? What are your "take away" lessons from this analysis?

    Grading: Will be based on the accuracy of your understanding the course material, the extent to which you apply it, the level on which you perform your analysis, the thoroughness of your discussion, and the quality of the insights you have. As always, the intellectual standards from critical thinking (clarity, accuracy, precision, relevance, depth, breadth, logic, significance and fairness) are the measurements of the quality of your thinking. Be sure to proofread your papers. Grammar and mechanics count.

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    The solution provides guidance on tackling the subject of personal ethical dilemma by proividing a comnprehensive advise on the concept of ethics & value theory in relation to personal choices. It does so by presenting a sample paper written in the APA format that checks all the marks necessary in the 5-page APA format paper that is to be submitted by the student. The solutionis a sample to help the student in presenting their own. The sample is attached as a word file.