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    Ethical Dilemma Monitoring Electronics

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    Consider how changes in information technology have caused a dilemma concerning ethical issues in organizations. Most people would agree that organizations have the right to monitor employees' personal usage of company assets. This applies to logging Internet usage and the ability to access and read employees' emails. However, it is not generally considered acceptable to open and read someone else's letter—even if it was written on company paper. Why is there a difference between these two situations? What are the ethical implications here?

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    There is a difference between the two situations. There is limited information that can be communicated through a letter; however, the amount of information that can be communicated through an e-mail is far large. In several cases collecting information in the form of a large letter means hours of writing, whereas in case of e-mails a click of the mouse can send several documents to the competitor and can harm the business. Further, paper letters often took several days to be delivered; however, e-mails are ...

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    The ethical dilemma related to monitoring employee electronic communication is explained in a structured manner in this response. The answer includes references used.