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    Ethical Dilemma: Workplace Corruption (Retail)

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    Describe an ethical dilemma that you might face in your current or chosen workplace. Using the "Elements of Ethical Reasoning" on page 14 of The Miniature Guide... in this week's reading list, describe this dilemma from the perspective of four of the eight "Elements of Ethical Reasoning". You must include the "question at issue" as one of the four "Elements" that you describe.

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    Hello.This solution is a simulated situation in a retail environment - a simple dilemma that workers can be subjected to in a retail environment. Thank you for using Brainmass.

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    Ethical Dilemma: Workplace (Retail)

    In a busy economic market, people working in retail are always aware that their salaries, benefits and needs are kept by an active and dynamic market as well as the competency of their firms in capturing the market. It is in this efficiency and competitiveness that employees contribute towards whatever their role might be in the firm/organization. Each role, big or small is important. A highly efficient organization providing affordable or highly desirable goods to a market that demands them despite strong competition is an organization that has the strategic know-how and the makings of one that has staying power (i.e. Google, Nintendo, Wal-Mart, and Apple). This is also the case for smaller retail stores, albeit small, their ability to make customers happy and make money competitively props up smaller markets (i.e. a town economy) and provides jobs and taxation towards the government keeping a community going.

    I work for a small retail store. It is not a branch of a bigger chain. It is a strictly retail store that purchases from bigger suppliers by buying wholesale, making its earnings on the added on dollars to the wholesale bought products for the purpose of profit - a standard practice. Ethical Reasoning highlights 2 kinds of acts - those that warrant praise due to the fact that the action serves to ...

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    The solution is a simulated workplace ethical dilemma involving a corrupt business manager and a trusting business owner. The situation puts an observant worker to the test as said worker tries to correct the situation based on ethical and moral considerations about the 'right thing to do' using key ethical and moral reasoning. The solution is written in APA format with a word version attached for easy printing. References are listed for further expansion.