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    Sample Ethics Paper

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    Discuss a topic relating to ethics. Examples of appropriate topics include personal ethics, organizational influences on ethics, profession-based ethics, legal influences (particularly recent legislation), and corporate governance. Students should attempt to develop a personal scenario that they are likely to confront in their chosen work life then prepare an approach to deal with the scenario. A sample outline for this ethics paper might be similar to the one below.

    1. Introduction
    2.The situation
    3. What happened (or anticipated outcomes if using a "likely" situation)
    4. What you should have done (or should do)
    5. Which of the theories apply in this situation (or do you use) to guide the decision making? See the text Chapter 5, page 99 and following in 3rd edition. that is - (Managerial ethics and Sustainable Strategic Management)
    6. Summary or conclusions

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    Introduction - Introduces the main aim of the paper
    The situation - Describes the ethical dilemma faced
    Ethical concerns presented - Discusses the ethical issues faced in the dilemma
    Outcome - Describes the course of action taken
    What should have been done? - Discusses the best courses of action that should have been take to avoid ethical issues
    Theories that apply in this case scenario - Analyses the ethical dilemma using ethical theories
    Conclusion - Concludes on the findings of the paper and the best theory that applies to the ethical dilemma while giving recommendations for the best course of action in view of the theoretical analysis.

    Ethical dilemmas in the workplace often present situations where various workers' ethical obligations and moral precepts conflict work environment resulting making it hard to reach a reasonably moral solution to the problem (Jonsson, 2011). It's often about what is morally right or wrong and what should be done to correct the situation. This paper analyses an ethical dilemma; whether or not it is right to set up private practice that is competing with the current employers business.

    The situation
    A few months ago, my brother George faced an ethical dilemma in his place of work. My brother a software sales manager with a software company informed me in complete confidence that though he was satisfied with his job, through the advice of one of his closest friends Sara, he was considering pursuing his dream to develop software application for educational purposes. He had already started to work on some of the ideas of developing software for middle schools to help teach math and science. Through Sara's connection, George had gotten a big contract with a company that provides medical training for nurses and other medical technicians. He was excited about the opportunity to pursue his dream work but was apprehensive to do so considering the conflict of interest it would present with his employers.

    Ethical concerns presented
    Should George go ahead and pursue his life long dream career or should he remain loyal to his current employer and avoid any situation that would be a cause for conflict of interest? In this particular case there were various ethical issues that arose. These include; loyalty, conflict of interest, veracity, fairness, honesty, unethical competitor intelligence, customer poaching and copying of business style. If George pursues his dream, his loyalty to his employer would be questionable, and also there would be a conflict of interest between his business operations and his employer's business operations. They would also be targeting the same market segments and Georges experience and knowledge in the market would raise ethical issues of using the knowledge and probably information of his employer to further his business. His obligation to inform the employers interfered with his need to self preserve and not his job in line without being sure on whether his private practice will be a success

    In view of the above ethical dilemma, ...

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