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    Court Appointed Special Advocates and ethics

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    I need assistance in developing an introductory paragraph with a succinct thesis statement for a reflective paper on the social, personal and professional issues confronting people today involved in the reunification of the family. The topic is the ethical struggle of the CASA (court appointed special advocate) volunteer, case worker and the court as it applies to their responsibility to family reunification as a top priority when children are removed from their parental home due to various reasons. Identifying the ethical dilemmas that they face when their prime concern is the children's safety and well-being; it will include making the case for the reunification of families by using standards of moral judgment, justification of moral judgments and moral responsibility through strong arguments supporting the reunification.
    The class is Philosophy of Human Conduct.

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    Attention getter: First off, I encourage you to use a quote, tell a story about reunification and the negative effects if ethics and empathy are not present, or paint a hypothetical story to lure the reader's interest. Just like a hook in fishing, your introduction must also connect and reel in ...

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