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    System of Inquiry: Organizational Code of Ethics

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    If your organization has an existing Code of Ethics, obtain a copy and be prepared to discuss it in this week. If it doesn't, use one from another organization. This code of ethics will be used as the basis for the System of Inquiry assignment.

    b. Develop a system of inquiry to be used in evaluating decision-making, problem solving, and behavior in a business setting. This model should include a basic framework as well as a discussion of why, how, when, and by whom it is used. Consider how you would implement the code, possible reactions to the code from employees, and the effect the code would have on the organization. Discuss your system of inquiry in detail.

    I work in a school system as an accountant if possible use something similar to that.

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    Dear Student,
    What you are being asked for this subject is person-specific. We can apply standard systems of inquiry but it must be aligned with ethical considerations. There are 3 important notions here - that you are an accountant, that you are working for the academic field and that the school system you are working for has its own very specific Ethical code. Now, the solution below is in the form of a 'guideEto help you put together your paper. The system of inquiry provided as a sample is generic and can be applied to your own personal circumstances by making it more 'specific' to your needs. I advise that you visit the Code of Ethics for accountants and the Code of Ethics for the school system which I am sure you have access to then adapt this solution accordingly. Good luck!

    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones
    What is a System of Inquiry?

    Knowledge in the sciences is considered established because prior to scientists and researching arriving at them, they go through a 'system' of inquiry - the scientific method. They start as follows: Question --->Hypothesis -->Experiment design --> data gathering ---> testing of data according to experiment design --> analysis of results --> initial results --> retest of results --> conclusion --> proposal for a theory. Scientists follow this method to ensure that the conclusions arrived at had been tested and retested and that the hypothesis becomes a theory by establishing it a true via a verifiable scientific experiment/method. Now, the scientific method is a system of inquiry because it is a process designed to probe, ask, test and enquire the validity of an idea or concept. In this exercise of yours, we will borrow from this notion in that we will create a simpler system of inquiry that will allow you to verify and establish claims as either true or false. Since this is for your ethics class, let's quickly review what ethics is.

    A Review of Ethics

    Ethics is about choices, a branch of philosophy that covers a whole family of things that have a real importance in everyday life.

    Ethics is about right and ...

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    The solution puts together a system of inquiry that can be used in reviewing and analyzing an organization's code of ethics. Key concepts are explained (i.e. system of inquiry, ethics) as well as perspectives and points in reviewing particular professions (the academe, the accounting profession, etc.). The solution follows the APA-format. A word version is attached for easy printing. References are provided for expansion.