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    Ethical Issues

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    Provide a code of ethics for an organization from your choice, let say (Bank of America)or anyone you like, This code of ethics will be used as the basis for the System of Inquiry assignment.
    b. Develop a system of inquiry to be used in evaluating decision-making, problem solving, and behavior in a business setting. This model should include a basic framework as well as a discussion of why, how, when, and by whom it is used. Consider how you would implement the code, possible reactions to the code from employees, and the effect the code would have on the organization. Then write a 2,100 to 2,800-word paper discussing your system of inquiry in detail.

    In order for me to complete my whole assignment I need help with this part.


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    //Before writing about the code of ethics of the selected organization, we will write about the code of conduct or the system of enquiry for the business. Firstly, under the heading of introduction, the basic rationale of the code of conduct will be discussed, which will assist in understanding the benefits of its implementation within the organization.//


    There are certain guidelines that are considered significant for an organization and the employees should work according to them. These are known as the "code of conduct" or the system of inquiry, which helps in providing a complete document, which gives details about the suitable things that should be accepted by a company's workforce. The organization attains an overall success, if all the employees properly follow the policies that have been framed. The code of conduct or the system of inquiry is used to assess problem solving, decision making and behavior in a business setting.

    All the human resources in an organization are accountable for taking receipt and including the code of ethics of the company by means of an electronic key signature and the written document is accessible on the website of the company for acknowledgment, all through the year. There are a number of ways in which the employees of an organization can assist or take part in the decision making process. They can support the decision making process through the local manager responsible for human resource, compliance offices, e-mail addresses and a toll- free compliance hotline. To show maturity, high standards of practice, acceptable behavior and responsibilities, a formal written document is much essential, as well as, important. This written document has a system of beliefs, integrity and values. This document is also necessary to show the distinctiveness of the business (Malachowski, 2001).

    From the personal and business point of view, there should be well developed codes of ethics. A properly developed code of ethics encourages the individual, as well as the business, to put their efforts for attaining the same mission and objectives. They continuously focus on the doing the right thing in the right manner, which will be highly beneficial for the organization.

    The Marmon Group has been selected to develop a system of inquiry using the ethical code of conduct. This Group comprises of more than 125 service and manufacturing businesses and is a worldwide corporation that has varied business sectors and functions autonomously. The Marmon Group enters into agreements with each of its member companies and helps in providing managerial, as well as, consulting services. To sustain the well-built customs of business ethics and citizenship, the Group also provides a proper Code of Business Conduct. This code helps in conducting the business in a right manner. It assists in providing an accurate direction to the employees for performing the business activities. This further helps in developing trust among the stakeholders. The code of Business Conduct is applicable for the company and all its subsidiaries (The Marmon Group, 2009).

    There are nine important areas of the code of conduct of the Marmon Group. They are responsibilities to customers, members, business partners, government, communities, shareholders and conflict of interest. With the assistance of these areas of focus, a system of inquiry will be developed to evaluate problem solving, decision making and behavior in a business setting.

    //As per the directions, we will write about the system of enquiry for the Marmon Group by considering the decision making process. It will be helpful in analyzing the basic framework of the decision making processes in the business setting.//

    Decision Making

    Before applying the decision making process, an organization should always recognize its ethical responsibilities and define its objectives in a proper way. There are pre-defined roles for the managers and the employees in the decision making process. To measure the achievement of objectives, the managers should develop specific criteria from the ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 2581 words with references.