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    Ethical Dilemma of Life Saving Senario

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    You are on a country road and see two neighboring farm houses on fire. One is yours and the other belongs to a new couple who just moved in. Your wife and child are at home as are your neighbors. You can only save one house. Which one do you save?

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    //The ethical dilemma is a big concern of discussion. In this series, the discussion made on ethical dilemma is having the meaning and concept of ethics in the business under the same heading of introduction.//

    Ethical Dilemma


    Ethics is the main branch of philosophy, embracing right behavior and good spirit. It is wider than the mutual concept of examining right and wrong. A fundamental view of ethics is "the good life", the life worth for survival or life that is merely not gratifying, which is adjudged by many philosophers to be more crucial than moral behavior. The discipline of ethics, also known as moral philosophy, implies systemizing, guarding, and advocating ...

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