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    ethical dilemma

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    I need help answering the following two questions for the below case study.

    What is the ethical dilemma in this case? - 300 words

    What values are in conflict? - 300 words

    Mary, the director of nursing at a regional blood bank, is concerned about the declining number of blood donors. It's May, and Mary knows that the approaching summer will mean increased demands for blood and decreased supplies, especially of rare blood types. She is excited; therefore, when a large corporation offers to host a series of blood drives at all of its locations, beginning at corporate headquarters. Soon after Mary and her staff arrive at the corporate site, Mary hears a disturbance. Apparently, a nurse named Peggy was drawing blood from a male donor with a very rare blood type when the donor fondled her breast. Peggy jumped back and began to cry. Joe, a male colleague, sprang to Peggy's defense and told the donor to leave the premises.

    To Mary's horror, the male donor was a senior manager with the corporation. What is the ethical dilemma in this case, and what values are in conflict? How should Mary deal with Peggy, Joe, the donor, and representatives of the corporation?

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    The ethical dilemma in this scenario in front of Mary is to decide between actions in favor of the self respect of the organization's employee and organization's duty and ethical responsibility towards the self respect of its employees versus action to protect the business interests of the organization. In other words, Mary is facing an ethical dilemma that whether to act in favor of her employee's self respect and ask the donor to leave the premises and give up the opportunity to collect blood in order to protect the self respect of her employee or to resort to the donor's unethical and unacceptable act and permit him to donate blood to retain the ...

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    What is the ethical dilemma in this case?