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    Leadership - NCOs

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    Based on the movie Saving Private Ryan, YOU are the crusty sergeant in the movie. Focus on the scene where the company has captured the Nazi machine-gunner and are deciding what do to with him. Notice that the sergeant supports the captain's decision regardless of the future outcome. Do you agree with the sergeant's actions or would you have taken some other action? Explain...

    Also, what are some similar ethical challenges that NCOs in today's military face? Do you have any personal examples that you can share or that you have observed?

    Are there any real world examples of ethics breach that we can look at as a case study and see how the decision (good or bad) affected the outcome or harmed the political objectives of that country?

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    In regard to the question of the captain's decision to let "steamboat Willie" live despite the objections of the rest of the squad I totally support the actions of Sergeant Horvath when he supported the captain regardless of the problems that it may have caused with members of the squad such as Private First Class Richard Reiben who threatened to desert as a result of Miller's decision. It was Horvath he challenged Reiben and chose to confront him to back up his captain's decision to allow the German machine gunner the opportunity to live and turn himself over to the next Allied patrol. In this scenario I agree wholeheartedly with the sergeant's actions because this was an ethical dilemma that could have resulted in the death of an unarmed ...

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