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    US Air Force hierarchy levels and ranks

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    Can you show the structure of the US Air Force hierarchically including all different levels and the position (rank) related to each level? Must be in hierarchical graph.

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    The Air Force enlisted force is comprised of distinct and separate ranks. Each correlates to increased levels of training, education, technical competence, experience, leadership and managerial responsibilities. In 1977, the enlisted force structure was reorganized into three tiers:

    The Senior NCO Tier.
    The top three ranks of the enlisted force structure are master sergeant, senior master sergeant, and chief master sergeant. Within this tier, personnel transition from craftsmen and supervisors to leadership and managerial positions. SNCOs are assigned duties commensurate with their skill level and rank. Their primary leadership duties are superintendent, supervisor, or manager of a flight, function, or activity. They should be used as a chief of a flight, section, or branch; as superintendent of a division or unit; first sergeant, or, in special circumstances, as a detachment chief or commandant. It is very important to avoid too much supervision created by establishing unnecessary supervisory or managerial levels. Proper use of SNCOs allows them to exercise leadership and manage resources under their control.

    The NCO Tier.
    This tier is where technical sergeants and staff sergeants transition from workers and journeymen to craftsman and supervisory positions as they develop military leadership skills and attend Professional Military Education (PME).

    The Airman Tier.
    This tier consists of airman basic, airman, airman first class, and senior airman. It is the initial tier of the three-tier enlisted force structure. As a member progresses from airman basic to senior airman, he or she acquires the discipline, skills, and PME necessary to become eligible for NCO status.

    Chief Master Sergeant (CMSgt).
    The rank of CMSgt is the highest Air Force enlisted rank, with the exception of the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force. CMSgts are superintendents and managers and provide senior enlisted leadership. They are assigned chief enlisted manager (CEM) ...

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