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Effects of Downsizing the US Military

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Can anyone find me an interesting article or two on where the US Military will be downsizing troops: officers, enlisted, etc?

Please answer the following questions: By what time frame will the downsizing be done? How will this effect the economy and those families? What troops will go?

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The U.S. Army is reducing its ranks to 490,000 by the end of 2015. An additional "tens of thousands more must be cut in the years ahead" (Zoroya, 2014). Here is an idea of who will be impacted:
"About 500 Army non-commissioned officers ranging from staff sergeants to command sergeants major are slated to lose their jobs this year; another 484 are receiving notices this month that they are being fired in 2015. All have been or will be given at least a year's notice to prepare, Seamands says." (Zoroya, 2014).

The U.S. Air Force is ...

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This solution provides links and information regarding the downsizing of the U.S. military and its effect on the economy and military families. This solution is 307 words.

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