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Employment Law: when Downsizing

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Contact the Human Resources manager at your company or another company. (A military division HR officer would not be appropriate for this question.) Explain that you are taking an Employment Law class. Ask him/her how he/she would approach an order to downsize the company. What procedures would they follow? How would they choose which employees were expendable? Are they covered under the WARN Act? Summarize the information you were provided. Add an analysis of the company's procedures based on your reading in the chapter. Be sure to cite the textbook and/or one of the cases in the chapter. Add a reference at the bottom.

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In the company where I work if the Human Resource manager was approached with a request to downsize the company, the manager would first ascertain the number of employees that have to be discharged. Next, she would find out if there was a non performing department or a business unit that can be closed down so that everyone in that unit could be eliminated. If there was such an opportunity she would eliminate a department because lawsuits for discrimination will not stand in court. It would be appropriate to eliminate a loss making business unit. ...

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Legal ramification of downsizing are discussed step-by-step in this solution. The response also has the sources used.

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