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Ethical Issues in the Workplace

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Please help to answer the following questions in a reflective journal.
What are some ethical issues in the workplace?
What does the employment relationship involve?
What are some issues with downsizing, health and safety and acceptable risk?
What are employers' rights and responsibilities regarding discrimination, diversity, and affirmative action?

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The solution discusses ethical issues in the workplace.

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Ethical issues are very common in workplace which may be related to employee behavior, employee working conditions, customer relations, and others. Organizations have large numbers of employees who are involved in different areas of business. The behavior of these employees can pose ethical challenge for managers. For example, managers have to deal with harassment cases, their subordinates have expectation of promotion from them, they have to watch their subordinates for any misconduct, etc. If a manager favors an employee based on his gender, religion, or ethnicity and recommends for promotion even though there are ...

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