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    Gender and Employee Motivation

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    Explore the issue of motivation and its relation to gender. How are men and women motivated differently? What are the ethical issues related to motivational strategies based on gender? How should leaders address these concerns? Provide examples to support your view. How does the organization you have chosen for the course project address this topic?

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    Gender-related Motivation Issues
    Proctor & Gamble (P&G) operates its functions at global level. A large workforce is engaged to execute its functions around the globe. It has diverse workforce on the basis of age, gender, values, beliefs etc (P&G, 2012). Gender is an important aspect that influences the organizational behavior and motivation of the employees. Gender-based motivation creates several issues within the organization as it negatively influences the performance of employee. If both men and women perform similar tasks in an organization, but gets different rewards, then it creates discrimination issues. In addition, gender-based motivation in an organization is responsible to create conflict among the employees (Macleod, 2004). Due to this, employees do not work as team that influences the level of productivity and performance accordingly.

    At the same time, gender-based motivation also creates negative image of an organization. It influences the employees' psychology at workplace negatively and due to this, an organization unable to attract and retain the competent workforce. The negative psychology of employees influences the performance that creates job satisfaction related issue. If male employees performs similar tasks as female, but does not get the same reward, then the male employees tends to decrease their performance at workplace (Leary & Hoyle, 2009). Due to decreasing performance, the level of job satisfaction also reduces accordingly.

    Men v/s Women Motivation
    Men and women both are motivated by different factors and due to this, the way of organization to influence their behavior at workplace is also quite different. Power is the important ...

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