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    Human Resource Management

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    4 Questions....at least 175 words each and all references need to be APA format

    1)Define what is meant by the term downsizing, and explain its purpose. Identify and explain the matters that require careful consideration when executing a downsizing.

    2)Discuss and provide examples of the two primary ways direct financial payments are made to employees. Compare compensation for managers and professionals with compensation for clerical or production workers.

    3)Discuss and explain the guidelines for the termination interview.

    4)Demonstrate your understanding of these terms by using them correctly in a paragraph you create. Creativity is encouraged, but not required; a realistic scenario would be best. Do not simply provide a definition for the terms. Terms: Fair Labor Standards Act, exempt/non-exempt, child labor, and 1963 Equal Pay Act.

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    1. Downsizing means reducing the number of employee on the payroll of a firm. This means a reduction in the company's labor force. Positions in the company are eliminated permanently. The size of the firm is reduced by eliminating workers and divisions within the company. There are several matters that require careful consideration when downsizing.
    Essential functions of the company should not be harmed by the downsizing. Further, downsizing must not jeopardize the operations of the company. In addition, downsizing must not de-motivate the other employees of the company. For example, downsizing creates insecurity in the minds of other employees. They apprehend that they may also lose their jobs. Such thinking reduces their morale, ability to give their best, and their productivity.
    Another matter that requires careful consideration is the impact of downsizing on the other stakeholders of the business. There should not be a negative impact on the investors, shareholders, suppliers, customers, or the community(2). For example, customers look down on companies that downsize. The most recent example is that that of Oreo closing down its Chicago operations. The customers in the US pledged to boycott Oreo.

    2. Examples of two ways in which direct financial ...

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