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Think of how the US Air Force (USAF) that is marketing itself

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After reading the below articles; think of how the US Air Force (USAF) that is marketing itself. This organization has products and product lines just like any other company/organization. Example of a product would be 4-year enlistment contract with a guaranteed job in the Air Force.

Now, assume that you are the newly assigned product manager for the brand and product. The commander for USAF Marketing wants a report on how this product or service has been branded. Please help me address the following question as part of my report!

(1) For the product you chose, identify 1 or 2 competitors. How is the AF product different from the competition? Are the products similar so the marketer relies on brand to sell the product? Or are they truly different?

Hint: Think broadly about the USAF competition. A hot recruit for the USAF might consider the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard or Army ... or a career with a Fortune 100 company.

(2) What is the personality of the brand of the product you chose? One way to answer this question is to ask, "If this brand were a person what would it look like? Would it be a tall man in a conservative suit and tie? A young girl in a suggestive outfit? Would the brand be singing and dancing? personality of the brand Walking? Sitting? What music relates to your brand?

(3) Do consumers have a relationship with the brand? If so how would you characterize it and why? (Refer to the â??More Than A Name: The Role Of Brands In People's Lives article.)

(4) What evidence do you have that consumers are or are not loyal to this brand? Or is consumer loyalty dead? Don't use quotes but you can look up stories and cite them.

(5) How does your brand's target market relate to the brand's personality? I.e., explain why you believe there is (or is not) a good match between brand personality and target market?

(6) Based on the assigned articles, would it make sense for this company to use celebrities to brand themselves (a) for a particular product and (b) for recruiting? What ONE celebrity might this company use and why? Based on the "A Teakettle with Star Power" article, what are the pros and cons?

(7) How would using a celebrity help (or hinder) the company's desire to create and communicate a brand personality?

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This report is aimed at demonstrating how the US Air force organization has branded the product and services that it manufactures and markets in the US economy. This demonstration will be made possible through collecting of data from varied resources and comparing its products and service with those of its competitors.


The US Air Force Gear is a section in the US Air Force organization that deals with the manufacturing and marketing of goods and services in the economy. The main product that the US Air Force Gear manufactures vary from under armor clothes, sports apparel, kids and baby's teddy bear dolls, challenges coins and other gifts like tapestry etc.

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The major competitors of the US Air Force Gear are the Alibaba Company and the American Apparel. Both of these organization deal with the production of men clothing, women clothing, children clothing and other gifts like shoes bags etc. The US Air Force Gear products are different in that the products are customized and have brand name inscribed in all of their products unlike the clothes and gifts in the American Apparel and in the Alibaba Company (Indian's Top; Press Archives, ...

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