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Chenowith et al. and Sarnovsky Effective Supplier Management

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Please begin this case by carefully reading two papers; Chenowith et al. (2012) and Sarnovsky (2015). Here's an overview of them.
Chenowith and her coauthors (2012) are organizational scientists at the not-for-profit RAND corporation, a "think tank" that began life as a quasi-governmental agency. Their paper examines initiatives in supplier relationship management undertaken by the U.S. Air Force Materiel Command.

Dr. Martin Sarnovsky is a professor at the Technical University of Koice, Slovakia; a country that was a client state of the Soviet Union before that communist empire broke up. A chapter of his online textbook (excerpted here) discusses supplier management. It is a detailed, useful treatment.

Carefully compare and contrast these two papers in 3-4 Pages.
1. What points do both of them make?
2. What points does one emphasize, the other not? Explain. (Hint: Tables with side-by-side comparisons would be helpful.)

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Chenowith et al. and Sarnovsky effective supplier management is examined. The response addressed the query is posted in 468 words with APA References.

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The response addressed the query is posted in 468 words with APA References.
Please see the file attached.

//The supply management process has a very crucial role in business to organization marketing functions. In this relation, the following paper throws light on the supplier management process by considering the two articles. A contrast has been drawn among both the articles in relation to the supply management process.//

Objectives and Goals • The main objective of this paper is to help the Air Force to identify the work that can be done through Supply Relationship Management (SRM) and various initiatives related to it.
• Two objectives of the study, in this article, are to identify the best practices in SRM that have been able to reduce the cost and simultaneously have led to improving the performance (Chenowith ...

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