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    Advise on Research and writing of Total Force paper

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    I am working on a research project and am currently trying ot type up a five to 7 page paper in looking at the Total Force Concept and if it works. However, I am having a hard time getting started. I am just trying to get some help/direction and maybe even some search syntax to help me along. I have access to all of the major databases to do research, I just can not find anything as specific as what I am looking for.

    With what I have attatched you can see the direction that I am going so far. I really need some help! I need to be able to take a position either for it or against it.

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    Dear Student,
    Hello and and thank you for using Brainmass. I am going to provide some thinking points for you as to how to approach this essay and suggest a structure that divides key ideas and areas of discussion on your paper. Do not worry; everyone gets stumped at some point when faced with the task of writing about an important, broad and relevant topic. Why is this relevant? When General Creighton Abrams and former Defense Sec. Melvin Laird suggested the idea, they were looking at ways to innovate and develop the way the Armed Force's structure work and make it so that public support and participation is integral in the way the Forces engage in any conflict. You have done well with your paper so far and I think that in paragraph 2 where you wrote 'The technology that we have today makes the total force concept work, 'you have already forayed into a 'pro' position, an agreement that the 'total force' concept works. I think what you need to decide is if you are to accept it as an alternative to the Weinberger-Powell Doctrine (you can find more of that here - http://en.citizendium.org/wiki/Weinberger-Powell_Doctrine) being that Total Force is about structural change. If you do see it as the most relevant alternative to today's America and the demands of national security and the risks it has to face inside and abroad, then by all means take the pro road. It is possible to take the agreeing position that Total Force works but also take the position that it is not applicable to today's America. My advice is to take the former positions as it is easier to ...

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    The solution provides comprehensive advise to a student in putting together a 2,000-word research paper on the topic of Total Force Concept. It provides advise in how to tackle the topic, lists online resources that can be of use and relevance and advises on an outline for the paper including advise on what each specific section should contain including suggested word count. A wrd version of the solutionis attached for easy download and digital use.