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Nuclear Enterprise by Secretary of the Air Force Speech Analysis

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Write a critique on speech attached

Who is the speaker? Environment? Occasion?
What are they saying (what is the topic)
What are the sub-pointw of the speech?
What does the speaker hope to achieve? (desired results)
Who is the audience?
How do you evaluate the speaker's presentation (introduction, main body, conclusion, voide, credibility, research, gestures, humor, tone etc.)
Is the speech 1) informative (relating new information to the audience 2) persuasive (goal of changing the minds or the audience 3) entertain (upbeat, laughable 4) motivational?

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The Header of this report gives you the speaker's name. The environment depends on the audience and occasion, which is a Congressional Breakfast delivered to members of Congress.

The topic of what the speaker is saying is enunciated in the thesis statement at the end of the first paragraph:
The speaker says that this most important/pertinent topics are "Maintaining strategic deterrence and stability at reduced nuclear force levels, and Sustaining a safe, secure, and effective nuclear arsenal" In addition, he states, "The Air Force has a significant role to play for our Nation to meet all of these objectives, but ...

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Nuclear Enterprise by Secretary of the Air Force is assessed. The sub-point of the speech are given.