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    Future Military and Robert Gates

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    Read the speech given by Robert M. Gates, Secretary of Defense, at the United States Military Academy in West Point, NY, on Friday February 25th 2011. What are the main postulates of his speech, and what is your opinion/reaction to his words and ideas?

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    The speech by Gates highlighted several important avenues that must be taken for the army of the future to remain the preeminent force in the world. The main issues Gates emphasized are: the future of conflict, and the implications for the Army; how best to institutionalize the diverse capabilities that will be required; and the kinds of officers the Army will need for the 21st Century, and how the service must change to retain and empower those leaders. In gist, these areas of interest focus on the new reality in warfare for America as the enemy is no longer a huge nation army of days past, such as the Soviet threat or those faced in WW2.

    The new threat will be the continuance of guerrilla warfare that is predicated upon enemies who rely upon their ability to be small and mobile, hiding in plain sight among civilians and in terrain that acts as a shield from traditional ...

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    The expert examines discussing avenues in which the military can remain an eminent force in the future.