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Human Resources Organizational analysis of DDOD

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Describes the nature of the organization (provide industry, product/service, a brief history, and position in relation to competition)
Identifies significant management personnel
Discusses business strategy
Defines the specific area of the business you plan to address

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The Department of Defense as an organization
When thinking about the protection of the United States, many would assume the Armed Forces alone, is the key component to safety. But who makes the decision that affect how we live. As the Largest and oldest organization in the U.S, the Department of Defense is an ever changing business in the world. They employ service members, families and retirees and help define the United States. Civil Service workers of the DOD, support the free nation by managing facilities, supplying employees and coordinating services that protect the free country.
The Department of Defense, pre named the war department, was established in 1775. The Revolutionary war also saw the creation of the Army, Navy and Marine Corps. In 1947, combined forces adopted the name National Military. The Air Force was also developed during this time. According to www.defense.gov (2011), In 1949, an amendment to the National Security Act further consolidated the national defense structure by withdrawing cabinet-level status from the three Service secretaries (Para 9). At this time and ongoing, the organization was called Department of Defense. There are more than 1.4 active duty soldiers, 718,000 civilian personnel, and 1.1 million National Guard and Reserve forces. This makes the Department of Defense the largest employer in the United States.
The DOD, as a ...

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